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As a Mom of two teens and a toddler, I’ve seen and felt the best in me…and the worst. Anger, resentment, and guilt are only a few of the emotions that I have struggled with. My fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and all the things that were supposed to keep me stuck came down to one choice: Do I want to stay in this place or move on? And I chose to move on.

It was not an easy road…but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (Lao Tzu).

My heart, my passion, my mission: I am set on helping parents (and everyone!) who are facing that same choice. 

Changing my focus is a huge leap of faith for me, but from what I’ve learned, I know and feel that this will be so much better. For you...and me! I love helping others who want more in their health, their relationships, their finances, or business...and people who just want to become a better version of themselves to live a more fulfilling, purpose-filled life! 

Do you want to stay in this place...or move on?

My Story

In 2013, I still remember the day my doctor told me the news at my five-month visit. My husband and I went in with high hopes of having a natural birth, but when my doctor told me that we needed to schedule another C-section I broke down and cried. I felt like a failure…again. I felt that there was something wrong with my body. That something was wrong with me. Isn’t that what I was built for? To have a baby?

 My younger daughter triggered a lot of emotions in me that I didn’t even know were there…before she was even born!!

A little history
In December 2000, my body did not respond to childbirth—my older daughter was two weeks late, no contractions, I didn’t dilate, nada. I was given Pitocin, the doctor broke my water, and I dilated very little after, and after all that effort, it still resulted in a C-section.
And 13 years later my doctor believed that my body would respond the same way and she counseled me to schedule a
C-section a week prior to my due date. She told me that a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Ceserean) was dangerous and I would have to find another doctor if that’s what I wanted to pursue. I had a good rapport with her, I trusted her, so I followed her advice and scheduled the surgery.
Looking back I could have done things differently. I could have ignored my doctor, researched VBAC’s, and set myself up to at least attempt a natural birth. I could have educated myself and still had a C-section, but I was so heartbroken that I did nothing. And that was a mistake.
What followed was a traumatic second birth, a difficult recovery, difficulty breastfeeding (I became insanely obsessed with breastfeeding--almost to the brink of insanity)...and if that wasn't bad enough, our daughter didn't sleep well for her first nine months.

Losing sleep
Sleep deprivation does a lot to a person. On the surface I tried to keep it together-- I pushed myself to keep up with my family, 
my work, the daily grind. But deep down I was angry and resentful. I hated myself most of all. I hated that my body did not do its job. I hated that I had so many complications...and I often wondered if we made a mistake having our daughter, which of course only made me feel worse.
Although this had been my life for nine months, I knew in my heart that parenthood wasn’t supposed to be like this.  I sought help and took steps to fix our sleep issue. Once we had our sleep under control, I began feeling more like myself again. I decided to become a sleep coach for other parents who were having issues with their children’s sleep--because I knew firsthand that life could be tolerable with just a little more sleep.
In the beginning all I wanted to do was help parents get some much needed sleep…and during the process my purpose became about much more than sleep. I wanted to help parents be the rock that their children need them to be. Once sleep was “fixed” it became about building strong, healthy, happy families.
Unfortunately our children do not come with instruction manuals, and most often we can only rely on our instincts, complicated feelings, or how we were raised to handle situations with our children—most of the time it’s exactly the same or the complete opposite of how our parents raised us. Frustrations come when our children trigger feelings in us, feelings like anger, resentment, short-temperedness, impatience, insecurities, and a lot more! These feelings tend to come up when parenthood gets tough—believe me, I’ve been through them all!

Parenthood reborn
Through my experiences and training, I began to see and understand the common triggers with parents, then investigate further. You see, it's knowing and understanding which specific triggers exist and the root cause for those triggers that will help alleviate a lot of problems—and results in a more patient and connected parent.
With my experiences, I am able to teach parents how to begin building a strong connection with their child(ren), how to identify their child's needs when it came to sleep, nutrition, the importance of schedule and routines, and the importance of bonding. I also became certified as an infant massage educator to share with parents ways to create that connection from the beginning. 
As I help parents, I also help myself learn how to be a better parent. Identifying, processing, and working through my own issues has been the foundation for switching my niche…
Along with continuing my education, connecting with others, and a lot of support, I look back and see that for every situation, I can give a new purpose and meaning for it. Not to say that life is rainbows and roses these days--c'mon now, I have TWO teens AND a toddler!!--but my challenges aren’t as daunting as before and it's easier to prepare and face what lies ahead.
I have a lot to share with others because I’ve been there….from being an angry teen to my journey into adulthood, a divorce, single motherhood, failed relationships, financial challenges, now blended family life and learning just where I fit in this world. I’ve built my business creating the mindset, the heart, the drive behind it and finding my calling--while also identifying my gifts and talents to find my true purpose in this life.
And I didn't do this alone. My faith and trust in God has carried me through my darkest moments and He's led me to a life of love and light. I have a family that I love very much, a love for others, and an ability to bring out the best in people. I am an encourager by nature and I love challenges. I also see outside the box now, from different perspectives, and I can put myself in somebody else's shoes to empathize and help them.

I can help
No matter what you've been through, what life has dealt you, or consequences to the decisions you've made, life always gets better when you take control and take action.

All problems have more than one solution and the solutions to your problems are within you. 

When you begin looking at a problem from that perspective, that for every problem you encounter the answer is already within you, there is power in that. And when you have the right support and encouragement, everything becomes infinitely possible...